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Kenshiro Abbe
Kenshiro Abbe, founder of Kyushindo Karate and Judo.
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Kyushindo was founded by Kenshiro Abbe, who was born in 1916, the son of a Kendo teacher, in the Tokushima province of Japan.

Kenshiro Abbe began Judo training in 1930 at the age of 14, at the Butokukwai, the special training college of the Japanese Martial Arts Society. At age 15 he was awarded 2nd Dan and at 16 he became Tokushima high schools champion and was awarded 3rd Dan. At age 18 he became the youngest student ever to attain 5th Dan grade from the Butokukwai. He enrolled at the special teacher training college of the Butokukwai in 1933 and upon his graduation, became an instructor at the college.

Mr Abbe won the main trophy at the East versus West Japan contest and was winner of the 5th Dan Championship, which was held at the Emperor's palace. In 1938 he became the youngest student ever at age 18 to be graded to 6th Dan. During World War Two he mastered Jukendo which he taught the military. He achieved a 7th Dan in Judo and 6th Dan in Kendo, though in 1945 following the end of the war, the Butokukwai was closed by the Allies. He became instructor for the Kyoto police force and chief instructor at Doshisa University.

At the invitation of the London Judo Society, Kenshiro Abbe came to London in 1955 as 8th Dan. One year later he left to form his own school to teach judo and aikido, amongst other martial arts. He formed the British Judo Council, British Kendo Council, and the International Budo Council.

In 1960 Mr Abbe suffered serious neck and back injuries in a car accident which affected him throughout his life. However, 25,000 students followed his teachings as he introduced top martial arts masters into the UK, culminating in a prestigious Karate, Judo, Kendo and Aikido event which was held at the Royal Albert Hall in 1964.

Although not recovered from his injuries, Mr Abbe returned to Japan though he briefly returned to England in 1969.

Kenshiro Abbe sadly died in Japan on 1 December 1985.

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