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Kyushindo Karate for fitness and self defence
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Kyushindo Karate is taught at Kyushindo Highgate club by a team of fully qualified instructors. The Highgate club has been established for over 30 years and is the headquarters of the Kyushindo Martial Arts Association.

Kyushindo Karate is based on Japanese and Chinese martial art styles and relies on the use of movement, speed, accuracy and economy of movement. Students perform techniques which are from a set syllabus, with particular emphasis on self defence. Kyushindo is taught as a martial art, not for competition or for sport.

As Kyushindo relys on technique rather than strength, it is beneficial for men and women of all ages.

Kyushindo, in Japanese means:
KYU: to seek, to search
SHIN SHIN: the true and fundamental nature of
DO DO: path.

In short, Kyushindo can be interpreted as 'the search for perfection'.
Brief overview of techniques practiced at Kyushindo Karate
Blocking: Various blocks are taught as a defence to different attacks. Ideally attacks should be avoided or deflected though situations arise when blocks need to be used.
Striking: Includes closed and open hand techniques, punches, chops and kicks, amongst many other techniques.
Footwork: As Kyushindo depends primarily on deflection and avoidance as oppossed to meeting force with force, footwork is of utmost importance.
Locks: Restraining and release techniques are taught to students.
Pads and bag work: Students undertake punch bag and pads training. This helps to develop range, focus, accuracy and power.
Sparring: Students are taught how to spar against one and multiple opponents.
Stances: Stances are taught for stationary techniques and for moving techniques ie when sparring or for performing katas. Good stances are crucial for attaining balance and power and allow for easy mobility.
Throws: Throws and counter throws are taught to students.
Breakfalls: Lessons take place on padded mats and students are taught takedowns, breakfalls and rolls.

Kyushindo Karate relys on relaxed and flowing movements as power is not derived from tension prior to a strike making impact as this would restrict movement and speed.

As students progress through the Kyushindo syllabus they undertake gradings and are awarded belts.

Lessons take place using mainly English terms, rather than Japanese.

Beginners are welcome.

Kyushindo Karate: train for fitness, confidence and self-defence

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